• Ultrasound/ Ultrasonic Treatment

  • Ultrasound/ Ultrasonic Treatment

    This state of the art skin care system was designed by dermatologist and plastic surgeons using 28,000 pulses of low frequency ultrasound per second to deep cleanse, exfoliate, massage and lift & tone facial muscles.  Infuses vitamins deep into the skin and gets rid of waste materials that accumulate under the skin while promoting metabolism by increasing blood circulation.

    Ultrasound treatments can help diminish acne, scarring and hyperpigmentation.

    1. Cleansing

    2. Scaling (getting rid of debris that is embedded on the surface of the skin

    3. Infusion  - applying Vitamin C  , Collagen , Elastin  products to the skin allowing a penetration of  20 times deeper than that of regular galvanic.

    4. Lifting , A stimulation of the tissue and muscles giving a lifted and toning of the skin, increases natural collagen

    (A series of  12 treatments once or twice a week is recommended)   

    Not recommended for: clients who are pregnant, pacemakers, electrical implants, heart conditions, epilepsy, those with implants in the face

    Cost- 85.00 per treatment

    Add on- Triple Current – (with Red or Blue light therapy) 40.00