• Dermaplaning

  • Dermaplaning, or Epi-blading, is a treatment that removes not only the top layer of dead skin cells from the epidermis, but it also removes that fine facial hair, more appropriately called “vellous hair" or "peach fuzz".  Hair returns softly and will not become coarser or darker because vellous hair is so fine and different from terminal hair, which is the coarser hair you see on the head or under the arms or brow. Cutting it doesn’t make it grow in thicker or feel stubbly afterwards. Hair returns softly and moisturizers penetrate the skin more efficiently.  Foundations no longer get caught up in that fine vellous hair and clients say that they feel like they look 5-7 years younger by removing that hair and removing the dead skin cells!

    All skin types are suitable for Dermaplaning except for those whom are suffering from acne or very oily skin. Oils from the sebaceous gland need to travel up the fellous hair to be able to be removed from the skin and when oily skin does not have the fellous hair intact, then the oils tend to stay below the skin and will ultimately stimulate more acne.

    $85- 60 Minutes with a lactic peel