• Neurotris Face Sculpting

  • The World's Easiest Facelift: Neurotris Facial Rejuvenation

    If you'd like to improve your skin dramatically but aren't ready for the time, money, or commitment involved in a surgical procedure, we offer you the most advanced non-surgical approach to gaining a more youthful appearance. Our Neurotris Face Sculpting treatments have been called the "non-surgical facelift" due to their instant, remarkably visible results.

    What Neurotris Can Do

    With the Neurotris system, we can improve your skin in whatever way you want. Depending on the unique characteristics of your skin, we may recommend one or a combination of treatment techniques to achieve your desired results. This one incredible non-invasive facial treatment device can deliver just about any facial rejuvenation result you could wish for!

    • Firm & Contour Skin
    • Add "Glow" to your Complexion
    • Increase Hydration
    • Improve Circulation
    • Stimulate Lymphatic Drainage
    • Tighten Sagging Skin
    • Reduce Puffiness & Inflammation
    • Erase Acne, Rosacea & Dark Circles

    No other esthetic service can come close to these proven results! We believe that your skin is a reflection of your health. We use only the best professional products, services & equipment to customize a facial program just for you so you can experience lasting benefits for life.

    Why the Microcurrent Facial Works

    Our skin begins to show our age over the years because aging interrupts the frequencies that cells use to regulate biological processes. When cellular energy is disrupted, our skin begins to atrophy and gradually deteriorate. Neurotris micro-current technology restores skin cells back to their normal frequencies so that skin is able to regulate itself.

     Like most advances in technology, our Facial Rejuvenation system is the product of years of scientific research. Rather than just adjusting aspects of your appearance, Neurotris facial sculpting actually improves the biological processes taking place within your skin. It doesn't just change the effects of aging – it changes the cause. The Neurotris SX Series machine utilizes unique technologies to re-energize cells and tissues back to their normal states of vibration.

    Put quite simply, the Neurotris SX Series machine emits a mild, precisely engineered electric current. This current communicates high-definition bioelectric signals at the cellular level via neurological pathways. When targeted carefully at affected tissue, the micro-current is able to stimulate and re-train skin and muscle. The result is newly youthful skin that looks and acts like that of a much younger person.

    Recommended Treatments

    The number of sessions depends on the client age and skin condition. The effects of microcurrent are immediate and cumulative. Clients go through a series of treatments followed by regular maintenance to keep a more youthful appearance. Each time a treatment is performed the new contour maintains its position better and longer. Typically clients will notice a 5 to 7 year reduction in facial aging

    • ages 20-30: As a preventative to slow down the aging process

    • ages 30–35: Initial series of 4-6,1X per week maintenance 6-8 weeks

    • ages 35-40:  Initial series of 6–10, 1x per week;Maintenance 6 -8 weeks

    • ages 40–50:  Initial series of 8– 12, 1x per week. Maintenance every 4–8 weeks.

     • ages 50–60: Initial series of 12–15, 1x per week. Maintenance every 4–8 weeks.

    Please contact us for a personal one on one consultation to determine your treatment!


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